Due to the limited number of rooms in venue, the room reservation will be made by the organizing committee. Accommodation request form should be completed and be sent to the organizing committee ( by e-mail to book rooms during the symposium.

The room charges are subjected to change; the organizing committee seeks for additional funding to support accommodation and is under negotiation with the hotels to discount the room charges. The final decision will be made later.


Rooms in the Grace Hill (12-14 Jan; 3 nights)
Floor Room (2-4 persons, max. 6 persons)                  24 rooms (70 USD/room/night)
Bunk Bed Room (2-4 persons, two bunk beds)            12 rooms (70 USD/room/night)
Family (Twin Bed) Room (1-2 persons)                       5 rooms (110 USD/room/night)
Other accommodations in Ganghwa (for 3 nights, 12-14 Jan) are available within 0.5-3.0 km away from the venue. If you look for a separate accommodation, the following pension (3.0 km away) is recommended. 

Double Bed Room (1-2 persons)                  13 rooms (70 USD/room/night)
Floor Room (2-6 persons)                              3 rooms (100 USD/room/night)

Rooms in the Hantan River Spa Hotel (15-16 Jan; 2 nights)

Twin Bed Room (2 persons)                      40 rooms (80 USD/room/night)
Double Bed Room (2 persons)                     7 rooms (80 USD/room/night)
Family (two floor) Room (4 persons)            7 rooms (100 USD/room/night)

Sharing Rooms

Since the number of rooms is limited, we recommend you to share a room with your colleague(s). The lodging expenses will be charged by room regardless the number of lodgers; whether you share a room with three colleagues or use by yourself in the Grace Hill, the daily room charge is 70 USD per room. Sharing room also saves daily expenses for accommodations. If you want to share a room, only one representative participant is requested to draw up the ‘Accommodation Request Form’ including the other lodgers’ names (up to three participants).

Other accommodations

Besides the accommodations above, other budget accommodations (usually 40 USD per room; usually one double bed) are available around there. However, please remember that you have to walk for 10-45 min in cold weather to access the venue when you stay in other accommodation due to the lack of transportation services in suburban areas. Though we may consider free transportation service on request, the most accommodations near the venue are designed and managed mainly for domestic tourists (i.e. several floor-type rooms in one house). We recommend you to stay in the Venue. If you need more help or advices to find a reasonable and budget accommodation, feel free to contact the organizing committee (


             The organizing committee contracted with the accommodations to discount the fee. Therefore, personal booking is not required. You can send the ‘Accommodation Request Form’, to the organizing committee ( The accommodation form will be downloadable from this page soon.