You may finish the payment (ONLY CASH in USD) after your arrival in the venue on 12-13 January 2012.

The Organizing Commitee (OC) decided that WIRE TRANFER for payment is IMPRACTICAL or INACCEPTABLE, because the remittance charge is relatively too high (up to 30% of registration fee) considering the amount of registration fee.

Since the venue is not a true hotel, the OC had to make a group contract for all event packages and already finished the payments. Therefore, we CAN NOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS using CREDIT CARDS either. Instead, OC financially supports participants' accomodation to ease the burden of high room rates.
(However, since we will stay in a hotel on 15-16 Jan, you may pay room charges using credit cards. Please consult the OC when you register.)

Sorry for inconvenience!

Registration Fee

Category and Country

Early birds
(Until 30 Nov 2011)
(After 1 Dec 2011)
Japan, Korea, Taiwan, North America/European countries, and other OECD/high income countries in the World Bank List*
USD 100
USD 125
USD 70
USD 90
China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

USD 70
USD 90
USD 50
USD 60

* This category for registration was used for the 25th International Ornithological Congress (

* Registration fee includes the attendance and packages of the conference, all meals, two banquets, and all transportation in Korea. It does NOT include accommodation.

Registration Form

Registration and accomodation forms can be submitted to the official e-mail address (

Please download and use the Registration Form HERE.

*** If you avoid some kinds of food (i.e. vegetarian, pork avoidance, etc.) in any reason, you should note it in the registration form.