1. Hotels and Pick-up

1.1. Hotels nearby the Incheon International Airport

There will be free buses from Incheon International Airport to Grace Hill in Ganghwa County only on 12, 13, and 14 Jan 2012. Therefore, if you arrive on 11 Jan 2012, you may stay one night nearby the airport. 

Some hotels are listed below;


These hotels are located within a 250m radius of the Unseo Station (approx 8km away from Incheon International Airport).

If you book your hotel through internet, all hotels may provide a special discount rates on weekdays.Since you will stay in the hotel on weekdays, discounted rates may range KRW 85,000-110,000 (apprx USD 75-100).

Location (Google Maps):

1.2. How To Get There

1.2.1. Free Pick-up Service: Highly recommended
Each hotel provides free pick-up service. We recommend you to use this free pick-up service.
It takes 10 min from the Incheon Airport Station to your hotel.

1.2.2. AREX train
You may use the AREX train (Korail Airport Raiload) at the Incheon International Airport.
Do not use the AREX EXPRESS train which goes to Seoul without any stop.
It takes 7-8 min and costs KRW 900 or 1,000 (approx 1 USD) from the Incheon Airport Station to Unseo Station.
Please refer the website of the AREX (

1.2.3. Local bus
You may use an urban bus (#223) or a luxury seat bus (#203) that departs from EXIT # 5 and 13, Third Floor (Departure level), of Passenger Terminal of Incheon International Airport.
It may take 10-15 min and cost KRW 1,000 (approx 1 USD) from the Incheon Airport Station to Unseo Station.

1.2.4. Taxi
You may use a taxi to your hotel or Unseo Station.
It may take 10 min and cost KRW 5,000 (no more than KRW 10,000) from the Incheon Airport Station to Unseo Station.

1.3. Buses from/to the Venue

Please make sure that your flight will arrive at Incheon International Airport (ICN: Buses will be available for FREE pick-up service at the Incheon International Airport in Incheon (but NOT at the Gimpo International Airport in Seoul) on 12-14 January 2012 and at the Venue in Cheorwon on 17 January 2012.
  • On 12-14 January, shuttle buses to the venue (Grace Hill) in Ganghwa County will be available at the Incheon International Airport.
  • On 17 January, return buses to the Incheon International Airport will be availble at the Hantan River Spa Hotel in Cheorwon.
  Please inform us of your confirmed itinerary including your flight schedule, flight no., arrival time and airport when you register or before your travel. As much as possible, Korea National Park officers and volunteers from the organizing committee will help your arrival and domestic travel, except for midnight arrivals.
Time tables and related information will be noticed with the Final Announcement in the 3rd week of December.

To use the free Pick-up service, you should inform us your arrival and departure information in advance.

2. Travel and Visa

* Please note that the period from 21 to 24 January 2012 is the biggest holyday (Lunar New Year: Seollal) in Korea. During this period (including 20 and 25 January), more than 20 million people usually visit their hometowns; the worst traffic jam throughout Korea is expected, and most shops and restaurants will be probably closed. If you consider extended stay in Korea, we strongly recommend you to travel BEFORE the symposium. If you have questions or need help, please contact organizing committee (

2.1. VISA

  Tourists from several countries (i.e. Japan, Taiwan, USA) don't have to get an entrance VISA in case of a short stay in Korea. However, please contact or visit the nearest Embassy/Consulate of the Republic of Korea for further details. Please visit the following webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) for detailed VISA information.
   If you require an electronic or original copy of the invitation letter for VISA application, please inform the organizing committee well advance to the symposium. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your intended length of stay.


If you want an invitaion letter for VISA application, please send the materials described above to the Organizing Committee ( We are not considering the postal service for an Original Copy of invitation letter, but if you need please consult the OC.

2.2. Flight booking and Itinerary

   Please make a reservation for your international flights by yourself, and make an itinerary for your round trip. When you finish preparation of your round trip, please inform us of your confirmed itinerary including your flight schedule, flight code, arrival time, and so on.

2.3. Travel Insurance

   Though Korea is a safe country with a high level of security and medical systems, we strongly recommend you to take out travel insurance before coming to Korea. Given the typical Terms of References of such insurances, it should be effective throughout your journey and you have to get it before the departure from your home country. Please contact local or international insurance companies.

Time tables

Dongson Bus Terminal (Cheorwon) to Incheon Bus Terminal: 3 hours (181km)
08:30    10:00   13:00   14:50   17:20   19:10