Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Announcement

7th ARRCN Symposium on Asian Raptors
: Raptor Migration and Conservation in Asia

Dear ARRCN members and raptor researchers,

    We are very pleased to announce the 7th ARRCN Symposium on Asian Raptors which will be held on 13~16 January 2012 in the Republic of Korea.

    The Republic of Korea (South Korea) is an important wintering ground as well as breeding/staging grounds for diverse raptors such as sparrowhawks, eagles, vultures, and owls. However, habit loss and degradation by the rapid economic growth are threatening raptors, while active plantation lasted more than 40 years successfully regenerated mature forests which were destroyed by the Korean War and overharvested for fuel woods consumption. There are many issues for the conservation of raptors in Korea, but our knowledge and experiences are still limited to resolve those conflicts and problems. We believe that this symposium will be a great chance to encourage communications, to share knowledge and experiences, and to increase public awareness on raptors among Korean researchers, birdwatchers, stakeholders and local managers as well as ARRCN members.

    The Migratory Birds Center in the National Park Research Institute prepares to welcome all participants from Asia and the other regions. Further detailed information will be noticed again soon. If you have any question, please contact us by e-mail ( or phone (+82-61-246-3115).

    We hope to see you soon in Korea!

August 2011
Organization Committee

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