Monday, November 28, 2011

About the full paper submission

The Organizing Committee (OC) recently agreed with the Editorial Board (EB) of the Korean Journal of Ornithology (KJO) to publish an issue for the 7th ARRCN papers.

The KJO is a local journal published by the Ornithological Society of Korea (OSK), and covers all fields of ornithology. Though it mainly publishes articles in Korean, but some English articles are also available.

List of articles and abstract (Korean only)

Sample (Original article in Korean, PDF, 1.48MB):
Kim, S.H., T. Mishima, A. Igari, J. Y. Park, J. H. Kim, W. H. Hur and S. H. Han. 2011. Migration Status of Raptors (Family Accipitridae) during Autumn on Socheong Island in Korea. Korean Journal of Ornithology 18(1): 35-41. 

Samples (Original article in English, PDF, 2.08MB):
Choi, C. Y. H. Y. Nam, I. J. Won, G. C. Bing, S. Y. Cho, G. P. Hong, H. Y. Chae. 2011. Migration and Habitat Use of Breeding Blue Rock Thrushes on Hongdo Island, Korea. Korean Journal of Ornithology 18(1): 17-33. 

If you want to submit your full paper for the KJO, please submit your full paper including to (ARRCN OC) as well as (Chief Editor of OSK, Prof. Hongshik Oh) by e-mail no later than 31 Decemebr 2011.

The title of e-mail for submission should start with [ARRCN FULL PAPER]. MS word format is recommended for manuscripts. For detailed informaiton, please refer the author guidline (PDF, 103KB) and the recent samples linked above.

Submission does not mean the publication of the manuscript on the KJO. All submitted manuscript will be peer reviewed, and only accepted articles will be published on the first issue of volume 19 in March 2012.

The Organizing Committee (OC) of 7th ARRCN Symposium

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